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Nya Byers’ Story / hunnybunny boutique

From making products in the kitchen and selling them at Farmers Markets, to having her very own brick and mortar store on Capitol Hill, Nya Byers has accomplished a lot in the past three years – especially since she is only eight years old! Owner of hunnybunny boutique, Byers immediately greets you when you walk into the store – “Hi! Welcome to hunnybunny. We sell all-natural soap and my mother and I make them.”  She’s a natural sales woman, eager to help – incentive as she receives a percentage of the sales she makes and is allowed to spend her earnings as she deems fit. She also helps to ring up customers, create and package products, and gives input on operational practices (although she is sometimes overruled – much like the time she was asked what color the front of the boutique should be painted and she responded “White with big, pink polka dots!”).

hunnybunny, named after Nya’s nickname, is a boutique manufacturer and retailer specializing in all-natural soap and skincare. The inspiration behind it came from the limited options in all-natural products Nya’s family could locate for her and her little sister, Zuri. Unsatisfied with what was in the market, they decided to make their own products and committed to a very simple formula: use few and natural ingredients – only ingredients safe enough and trusted enough to be used on the owners of the business, Nya and Zuri. The commitment to that simple formula has allowed Nya’s business, in the short amount of time of its existence, to be on the Washington City Paper’s “Best of DC” list, featured in this Washington Post article, and successful in securing its first hotel client, The River Inn, located in Foggy Bottom.