Monica Kang

Monica Kang’s Story / InnovatorsBox

Monica Kang is a creative educator and a passionate community builder. She founded InnovatorsBox to demystify society’s perception on creativity and has traveled to show how one can learn creativity regardless of what workplace or title you have. Since launch, InnovatorsBox has been recognized as the only creative education firm that is teaching creativity in a tangible, practical and relatable way for professionals to understand. In 15 months, she hosted 56 events for 915 individuals in eight U.S. cities in which 90% participants share how this changed the way they think about creativity and innovation.

Prior to her business, she was a nuclear nonproliferation expert and worked in public policy for 5+ years on three continents. She continues to play an active role in global entrepreneurship by being an Organizer and Facilitator at Startup Weekend, and President of DMV Startup.

The journey of InnovatorsBox began while Kang was in her dream career and yet, felt utterly stuck. The lack of creativity in nuclear non-proliferation made her risk-averse. She couldn’t remember the last time she created something on her own simply because she wanted to.

It wasn’t until Kang integrated creativity into her daily routine that things started to transform. Productivity skyrocketed. She got promoted. Her insights and perspectives changed. She started thinking rather differently and began sharing fresh outlooks with top clients. Similarly, on a personal level, she was less stressed, and more confident and eager to attack what life threw at her.

When Kang realized that 87% of all professionals do not feel very creative, and that she was not alone in this scuffle, she decided to gather her diverse expertise to create a space for everyone to rediscover their creativity. This is when she started InnovatorsBox.