Darius, Danny, & Troye’s Story / GOODProjects

Darius, Danny, and Troye did not have easy childhoods, struggling with homelessness, poverty, and crime growing up in D.C. After becoming friends at Georgetown University while playing football, they made it their life’s mission to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds, like themselves, get the education they need to accomplish their dreams. To realize this mission, Darius, Danny, and Troye founded GOODProjects in 2016, a DC-based nonprofit committed to providing opportunities for low-income youth that will allow them to live fulfilling lives, free from poverty, violence and disease.

Last summer, the partners developed a social entrepreneurship program for low-income urban youths in Wards 7 and 8. The program is part of the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program. Over 5-weeks the youth worked virtually with fellow high school students in China through a partnership with DIVVII to develop a business that targeted an issue shared between youth in Anacostia and Shanghai. Although the 12-hour time difference was difficult at times, the program was a complete success in its inaugural year. The youth embraced the opportunity to develop business skills while also learning more about the current economic shift to a global marketplace. At the end of the program all participations were presented a certificate of completion by StartupHoyas: The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. Darius, Danny, and Troye are continuing to grow and expand the program, with a new cohort starting this July.