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Antwain’s Story / DistrictCryo

Antwain Coward is the founder and CEO of DistrictCryo Rejuvenation and Recovery Lab. DistrictCryo is the first of its kind active recovery solution in Washington, D.C offering access to innovative and non-medical therapeutic technologies for both mind and body rejuvenation, including Whole Body Cryotherapy. Antwain discovered the niche of maintenance recovery from his own experiences as a collegiate athlete combined with the shift in consumer interests towards more of an active, health conscious lifestyle.

DistrictCryo’s goal is simple – to help individuals feel and perform at their best by offering alternative tools to help prevent serious injuries, optimize performance, and lessen the dependency on pharmaceuticals. Whether an athlete, cyclist, runner, cross-fitter, fitness enthusiast, or individual leading an active lifestyle in any capacity; the vision is to empower individuals to be proactive about maintaining their bodies through proper rest and recovery. Fun fact: Antwain has had numerous celebrities and professional athletes visit his facility including members of the Washington Wizards, Mystics, Capitals and Redskins.

Prior to opening DistrictCryo, Antwain worked as a consultant in the public-sector along with starting a successful residential real estate development company. As a native Washingtonian, Antwain established DistrictCryo in the same neighborhood where he was raised. In the coming months, DistrictCryo will expand its rejuvenation lab to further pioneer cutting-edge technologies to the D.C. area, in addition to partnering with local schools and other synergistic businesses to strengthen awareness on the importance of lifestyle recovery.

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