Alex’s Story / Living & Working In DC

Alex Wirth

During the summer after his sophomore year at Harvard University, Alex worked on Capitol Hill and ran firsthand into a common problem of trying to find co-sponsors for a resolution. His college roommate, Jonathan Marks, who witnessed his struggle, was studying computational chemistry and the analytics of protein networks at the time. Together, they realized that they could apply the same principles behind the analytics of protein networks to the concept of congressional networks. This was the spark that led to Quorum.

Quorum offers an integrated software platform for public affairs officials – so, naturally, they moved from Boston to Washington, DC to get closer to their clients. Today, Quorum has grown from being completely housed out of one home to having a business office downtown and a development hub stationed out of three homes in Friendship Heights, DC. Employees live, work and play in these three homes, now dubbed the “Quorum Houses”, where they regularly invite entrepreneurs and clients over for dinner to collaborate. Quorum’s new location has enhanced the business opportunities available to them, since government and politics intersect in almost every industry and all the Fortune 100 and 500 companies have representatives in the city. Alex also credits the success of his company to the culture present in Washington, DC, where people are passionate about making a difference in the world and work to develop the policies that shape the future of this country.

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